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GRIP Recruitment Software

If you’re looking for a recruitment software system that is flexible and easy to use, then GRIP is for you. Its simple design makes it possible to have multiple windows open and switching between them very quick and easy.
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GRIP Hosted

Want GRIP but don’t want the worry of having to look after your own servers to run it? With GRIP Hosted you don’t have to. 2LS will host and support the infrastructure needed to run GRIP. You also get the ability to securely access GRIP from anywhere.
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GRIP Mobile

Get access to your information on the go with GRIP Mobile for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. View your Clients, Candidates and Vacancies and see the history associated with them. Be more productive when away from the office.
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IT Talent’s success has been built on the ability to maintain and organise business critical data. GRIP has enabled us to do that very successfully.
Kevin Howes, IT Talent
Having worked in a company using a “market leading system” it has been an absolute delight to use GRIP. The ease of use and functionality of GRIP increases productivity and has genuinely contributed to making deals. In short it suits the way consultants work
Philip Waller, 1st Place Graduate Recruitment
After 16 years in the industry, I think I must have tried and tested every recruitment product on the market! I find GRIP from 2LS an unparalleled product and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to keep one step ahead of their competitors.
Mark Daniels, Lynx Recruitment
The interactive nature of GRIP has allowed us to utilise it as a fully workable recruitment tool which is helping us to grow our business through smart client, candidate and vacancy activity management. It’s a no-brainer for any agency in the market for a recruitment-specific contact management system.
Phill Bateman, Total Recruitment

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GRIP Recruitment Software

GRIP is the most usable recruitment software system on the market today. Its free and unrestrictive design means that you can have multiple windows open at once and easily switch between them at any time.

No longer do you have to close down the candidate record you are working on to open up details of the important client that calls you. GRIP allows you to easily switch to the vacancy you are placing for you client. When you are done switch back to what you were working on before. All with a single click of a button.

GRIP has numerous time saving features that aid your consultants productivity. Such as dragging and dropping single or multiple records between windows to create vacancy shortlists for example and hot links between clients, candidates and vacancies. And it’s fast.

Click here for more information on the usable recruitment software system and read about the other features that are included as standard. Or contact us today for a demonstration and start to get a GRIP on your recruitment software.